This page contains general information for parents/guardians. Also available here are some links to various sources of help/information.

Accident/Incident Forms:

If when you come to collect your child there is an accident/incident form for you to sign and you feel that the information given is limited please appreciate that we have up to 30 children to see safely to their parent/carers and cannot always go into lots of details as to what has happened.

Therefore if you feel that you would like to chat further or ask questions about your child’s accident/incident please feel free to wait until the end, so that I or the person who dealt/witnessed the accident/incident can speak to you privately.

Or if you decide later that you would like more information please phone the pre-school on 01502 712115 up to 6pm as opposed to email as I do not always get a chance to check emails. Please do not email

Thank you for your support in this matter!

Parking in the primary school’s car park:

It has sadly been brought to my attention that some parent/carer’s have been parking in the disabled parking bays, (badge holders only) on yellow lines and the main primary school’s exit. Please stop doing this as pre-school parent/carer’s are not allowed to park in the school as mentioned in our parent/carer brochure on page 3. Please walk to pre-school if possible as parking is not available to pre-school families.  This is one of the conditions mentioned in our pre-school lease.  The school are perfectly within their rights to stop pre-school families parking on their premises so please abide by their conditions as they may decide to stop our families parking for the health and safety of their school children and families etc…

Can you please pass on this information to anyone who brings/collects your child at our pre-school! 

Thank you for your co-operation in this safety matter!

Biting Advice (PDF)