27 Sep

September Newsletter, Invoices

Please see the attached newsletter!
Just to let you know that all invoices have gone out within the last week please check your child’s inner zip of the red pre-school bag!
These invoices are given out to both paying and non-paying children!
If you have not received your invoice please let me know!
Kind regards

23 Jul

FW: Heat Wave Information for Childcare Providers – July 2019

Please see the attached about keeping safe in the sun, from Public Health England who have alerted 
 ‘S.C.C  Early Years & Childcare Service’, that Suffolk is expecting to reach the trigger point for a
heatwave this week, this information was sent to us from ‘S.C.C  Early Years & Childcare Service’
who have said we can share this with our parent/carer’s if we wish to do so.
Kind regards

20 May

Revised colour/letter of the week on the Newsletter May 2019

Thank you to those who pointed this out to me that the colours were not correct.

Colours/letters of The Week:

Week beginning     20th May         Colour   PINK        Letter  Ee

Half Term Break:  Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May. 

                                 We return Monday 3rd June 2019

Week beginning   3rd  June         Colour  ORANGE     Letter  Ff

Week beginning  10th  June         Colour  PURPLE       Letter  Gg     

Week beginning  17th  June         Colour   WHITE       Letter  Hh


Week beginning  24th  June         Pattern  SPOTS         Letter  Ii

Week beginning  1st    July          Pattern  STRIPES       Letter  Jj

Week beginning  8th   July          Pattern   CHECKS      Letter  Kk

Week beginning  15th  July          Pattern   CIRCLES      Letter  Ll

 Kind Regards


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30 Jan

Newsletter January 2019


We would like to welcome all new children and their families to our pre-school and say welcome back to all our previous children and their families. We hope you have a wonderful time with us.

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone donating £1.00 per week snack money; this has really helped with costs. Please continue to support us with your snack donations.


At present there are a few different things going around: – Hands, Foot and Mouth, Impetigo, Sickness,

Diarrhoea, High Temperatures, Chicken Pox and different types of viruses.  Please contact the Health

Centre/GP for advice on what it may be or how contagious it is etc.… If your child has suffered from sickness and/or diarrhoea, please do not bring them to pre-school until 72 hours have passed since the last symptom.

Colours/letters of The Week:

Week beginning    7th    January      Colour  BLACK             Letter Oo

Week beginning  14th    January       Colour  WHITE             Letter Pp

Week beginning  21st     January        Colour  GREY              Letter Qq

Week beginning  28th    January       Colour  BROWN           Letter Rr     

Week beginning  4th    February       Colour  ORANGE          Letter Ss

Week beginning  11th   February       Colour  YELLOW          Letter Tt


HALF TERM:      18th to 22nd February 2019

Week beginning  25th   February        Colour   RED                  Letter Uu  

Week beginning   4th   March              Colour  BLUE                 Letter Vv

Week beginning  11th   March              Colour  PURPLE            Letter Ww

Week beginning  18th   March              Colour  GREEN              Letter Xx

Week beginning  25th   March              Colour  PINK                  Letter Yy

Week beginning   1st   April            Colour  TURQUOISE          Letter Zz   


Inside Notice Boards:

Parent/carer notice boards are near the coat trolley, which contains information like funding info, colour/letter of the week, children centre timetable of events, snack offered, newsletter, our term dates, key person statement, pre-school timetable, session plans. On the right when you enter the lobby is if you are concerned about a child info (safeguarding) committee & staff members, parent/carer’s rota, childcare leaflets. Wall directly facing you is our Ofsted registration & insurance certificate, our pre-school over the years photos, On the trolley below is our policies, operational plan etc. fruit donation tin, uniform & prices. On the entrance door some everyday information like committee meetings, chicken pox, head lice etc… please check every now and again as we do not always give out this information in your child’s red bag. 

Outside Notice Board:

Pre-School, primary school & high school phone numbers, funding info, children centre information, 72 hours non- attendance if child has diarrhea/sickness, our term dates, safeguarding statement, Ofsted phone number, reminders of Ofsted inspection report, learning journey etc… White Board: Things that have happened during the session e.g. Teacher’s visiting, uniform in, baking etc

Parent/Carer Evenings:

In April/May we will be holding our parent/carer evenings, please look in your child’s red bag for dates

and times in March 2019.

Committee Meeting:

We will be holding a general committee meeting on Tuesday 12th March at 7pm in the Pre-School. All parents/carer’s are very welcome to join us. We are always looking for new members, As a charity we must have a committee. The committee members must be from our pre-school parent/carer’s. Please speak to Angie if you feel you may be interested in taking on a role/joining us.

Estimated Term Dates:    Not the same as Worlingham Primary school:

Spring Term 2019: 

Return: Thursday 3rd January to Friday 15th February

Half Term Break: Monday 18th February to Friday 22nd February

Return: Monday 25th February to Friday 5th April   

Easter Break

Summer Term 2019:

                                                Return: Wednesday 24th April to Friday 24th May (Closed Monday 6th May)                   

                                                Half Term Break: Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May 

                                                        Return: Monday 3rd June to Thursday 18th July


                                                                                    End of Pre-school Year

Some Activities Carried Out Last Term Autumn 2018:

The children did many activities throughout the last term, which are all based on mainly their individual interests in pre-school and are planned for on a weekly basis:- Below are a few activities carried out.

Inside:  Cooking – Chocolate covered apples Dressing up/role play/music & dance: hairdressing, hospital, shops, space station, Christmas songs DVD’s – Christmas Nativity, Christmas stories  Stories – Children telling their own stories, dress up and act out Little Red Riding Hood, three little pigs, gingerbread man, Prop stories e.g. Goldilocks & the three bears, Action rhymes etc… Crafts: Christmas cards & gifts, tree decorations

Outside: Acting out stories on our outdoor climbing apparatus such as Mini Beast hunts, Dinosaur gardens, games and stories, ride-on’s, parachute, Mr Wolf, water/sand play, Role Play – builder’s yard, etc…

Please remember this is only some of the activities done during last term, if you would like more information about activities done please ask your child’s key person. CHILDREN LEARN THROUGH PLAY AT THIS AGE.


At present we are fundraising for a new sensory area inside and outside, we have now got the plans

completed for the outside and in the progress of getting quotes for the work needed.  More fundraising is needed for this project to be carried out. 

We will inform you of any events that we would like you to support and help us with in the near future,

your support and help is much needed by us to achieve this new project. 


Many thanks for your continued support

Angie Gurney (Manager)

Virus-free. www.avg.com

04 Dec



                      Worlingham PreSchool

We would like to invite you and your child

To our Pre-school open afternoon


Friday 14th December 2018

From 12.45pm to 1.45pm.

We will be doing some pre-school free play activities which you can come and share with your child/children. Just come and spend some time with us and seeing what sort of things we provide.

Please bring anyone else with their child who may be interested in seeing our pre-school

                                                               Registered Charity N0: 1027941

Worlingham Pre-School