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Worlingham Pre-School is presently based at the back of Worlingham Primary School, Garden Lane, Worlingham, previously Worlingham Middle school.

The pre-school was moved to its present location in August 2011 as part of ‘Suffolk County Council’s’ re-organisation plans (phase 2) of closing the middle schools’. The pre-school was invited by the council to move to the middle school(now primary school) as the pre-school mobile (in playground of old primary school) was needed to accommodate the new year 5 children, in the primary school facility.

The Pre-school is voluntary controlled and the committee is responsible for the group.  It is normally made up of elected parent/carers, who stand for one or two years. (please see our get involved section above) Ofsted rated us GOOD overall and found us very strong in some aspects (please see Ofsted’s website for full report)

Our pre-school offers education and care in a purpose built pre-school section in the primary school, where we create a learning through play environment for children age two years and three months to school age.

We are able to offer funded early years places for 15 hours and the extended 30 hours per week (if eligible) and unfunded places for those who are not eligible as yet or want to pay for extra sessions.

Latest Updates

Worlingham Pre-School
Worlingham Pre-School4 days ago
Congratulations to the winner of the Jar of Sweeties… Debbie!!! 🥳 🍭
Special thanks to Sweeties 15 Newmarket Beccles for donating the jar of sweets and a big thank you to the Co-op Funeralcare for hosting us at your store!!

Thank you to everyone who took part, we hope you all have a fabulous weekend ☀️
Worlingham Pre-School
Worlingham Pre-School4 days ago
Come and see the Worlingham Pre-School committee team and have a guess of how many sweets are in the jar! For a chance to win the jar of sweets!
50p a go or 3 for a £1
All proceeds go to our pre school funds!

Outside Coop Funeral Care in Beccles until 2pm.
Then at the Pre-School 3-3.30pm
Worlingham Pre-School
Worlingham Pre-School5 days ago
The Pre-School Committee will be in Beccles town tomorrow with a large jar of sweeties 🍬 Guess how many sweets are in the jar for your chance of winning it 🎉
50p a guess or £1 for 3 guesses.

The jar of sweets has been kindly donated by @sweetiesbeccles Thank you so much ❤

If you miss the jar of sweets in Beccles town, worry not! The jar of sweets will be at the Pre-School at morning drop of and afternoon collect if you would like a go at guessing.

Good luck everyone!!!
Worlingham Pre-School
Worlingham Pre-School1 week ago
Become a @coopuk member and help raise funds for Worlingham Pre School. Plus you’ll get £3 off your next £10 shop, download the Co-op App at https://tinyurl.com/bdc6s3cp

Our causes page https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/56926
Worlingham Pre-School
Worlingham Pre-School1 week ago
Bike-A-Thon 🚲

The children did an amazing 1833 laps for the sponsored Bike-A-Thon at the beginning of this month 🚲
Worlingham Pre-School
Worlingham Pre-School3 weeks ago
Tomorrow morning we will be having the paddling pool out! 😁 Can all morning children please arrive to Pre-School wearing swim wear/clothes they can wear in the paddling pool, bring spare clothes, and have sun cream on. ☀️