09 Feb



We will remain closed tomorrow Wednesday 10th February and hope to reopen on Thursday 11th February 2021
at the usual time, still due to weather conditions. If the weather condition changes, we may have to remain closed.
Kind regards,

08 Feb



Due to the snow safety advice and safety measures our pre-school will be closed today 8th February and 9th February 2021
Sorry for any inconvenience caused
Stay safe and healthy
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21 Oct

October Newsletter 2020

Please see the attached newsletter any problems please speak to me
Stay safe and well
Kind regards

05 Sep

Estimated term dates, Colour/letter of the week

Please see the attached pre-school term dates for this year 2nd September 2020 to 16th July 2021 (on outside notice board)

 Colour / letter of the week: Please see below these are now done at pre-school with the children due to pandemic but if you want to do

this at home with your child and you have a Tapestry account, please put this on your account for your key person. To do this you need

to look for one item a day/week to do with either the colour/letter only or a double whammy one item which contains both the colour and letter

this has always been a popular activity to do and bring in but unfortunately due to Coronavirus Pandemic you are not allowed to bring anything

into the pre-school as before.  These colours are usually put on our face book page each week

Week Beginning:                                  Colour:                                   Letter: 


Weds 2.9.2020:                                  Red                                     Aa 


Mon 07.9.2020:                                 Blue                                     Bb      


Mon 14.9.2020:                                 Yellow                                 Cc 


Mon 21.9.2020:                                 Green                                   Dd 

Mon 28.9.2020:                                    Purple                                      Ee      


Mon 05.10. 2020:                              Orange                                 Ff

Mon 12.10.2020:                               Brown                                 Gg 


Stay safe and well

Kind regards

19 Mar

Important: Pre-School Closure

Yesterday evening the government announced that as of Friday when we close we are not to reopen until further notice
in hope they can reduce the spread of COVID -19. Boris Johnson mentioned they would be putting some
school / childcare availability into place for those whose parents work in front line careers such as emergency services, 
Nurses, Doctors etc however they have not yet explained how and when this is going to happen. 
I am sure this will become clearer over the next few days. 
With regards to Fees:- Any lunch club fees or private funded session fees  will not be payable after Friday until we reopen again. 
If anyone has already paid for these fees in advance please get in touch and we can either arrange a refund or credit your child’s account with us. 
Finally I would like to wish you and your families good health and the very best for the coming weeks, although we face some tough times
ahead I am sure you will all make the most of having your children home and spending valuable time together. 
If you have any questions please do get in touch. 
Kind regards 

Worlingham Pre-School