05 Sep

Estimated term dates, Colour/letter of the week

Please see the attached pre-school term dates for this year 2nd September 2020 to 16th July 2021 (on outside notice board)

 Colour / letter of the week: Please see below these are now done at pre-school with the children due to pandemic but if you want to do

this at home with your child and you have a Tapestry account, please put this on your account for your key person. To do this you need

to look for one item a day/week to do with either the colour/letter only or a double whammy one item which contains both the colour and letter

this has always been a popular activity to do and bring in but unfortunately due to Coronavirus Pandemic you are not allowed to bring anything

into the pre-school as before.  These colours are usually put on our face book page each week

Week Beginning:                                  Colour:                                   Letter: 


Weds 2.9.2020:                                  Red                                     Aa 


Mon 07.9.2020:                                 Blue                                     Bb      


Mon 14.9.2020:                                 Yellow                                 Cc 


Mon 21.9.2020:                                 Green                                   Dd 

Mon 28.9.2020:                                    Purple                                      Ee      


Mon 05.10. 2020:                              Orange                                 Ff

Mon 12.10.2020:                               Brown                                 Gg 


Stay safe and well

Kind regards

Worlingham Pre-School